My Story

It seems rather a long time ago since I began with selling general antiques and my own picture collages (which didn’t sell) in Portobello Road in the 1970’s. My mother, who was an avid collector of all sorts of antique porcelain objects, helped me by donating various antique things to sell when my stock was getting low. But, my real opening into dolls was when my husband kept finding antique dolls in Portobello Road for me to sell on Saturdays on my stall. I sold them instantly on the day. After that, I kept telling him that his job on Saturday mornings was to find as many dolls as possible for me to sell. Of course, there were some dolls I just had to keep for myself. My interest in dolls made me more curious and I then began to do more research about them.

Around the 1980’s there seemed to be various doll fairs which I exhibited and at the time I had a large shop unit in Grays Mews, London, and a showcase at the Ritz Hotel. Then somehow, I felt things had to move on, and eventually in 1992 I opened a very large Doll Fair at The Royal Horticultural Hall in Victoria, London with 160 Doll Exhibitors. (In 1993 I also introduced a fair guide and then an A4 magazine “Doll Advertiser” which still going strong today). I was at the Royal Horticultural Hall for 8 years, but with the cost of an expensive Hall escalating every year, I had to look for somewhere else. My next doll venue was at Chelsea Town Hall, London. Although a very nice Hall, it was that parking problem, so I had to find another place.

At last, I found The Kensington Town in 2002, where I still am today, with all the amenities you could ask for in central London and with parking below the Town Hall. Although not as many Exhibitors as days gone by, the fair is still as buoyant as ever. With plenty of lovely antique dolls, old dollshouse miniatures and related antique doll accessories, what more could you wish for. Come along and see for yourself!